May 07

Automation: V8s coming soon!

The fellas working on Automation are hard at work on the engine simulator to bring us V8s, Over the weekend they posted this little gem.

Help us out: Engine Designer Revamp
Hey guys!
Just wanted to give you a short update on what is going to get to you in the near future, and how you could
help us further improve the engine designer.

The next few weeks
Our next goal is to release V8 engines to those who have preordered the game. This will happen around end
of May already! After that you will have to wait less than a month to get to play 6-10 new smoking fresh V8
scenarios if you have preordered.

The Engine Designer Revamp
Right after you lay your oily fingers on the V8 scenarios we jump into the fray and completely revamp the
engine designer core mechanics and iron out a lot of the flaws that are still in there. Among those are things
like a new system to calculate fuel economy, bigger bore and stroke ranges, engine part weights that scale
correctly with engine capacity instead with the arbitrary block size, etc.

And this is where we need you! What core engine designer mechanic would you like to see improved, and in
which way? We will seriously consider all posts in this thread, and the best ones will have a good chance of
being included if we deem they would be good for the game. Be concise, to the point, and proof read stuff.

That sounds very encouraging! We will try and keep you updated as more news comes out.

Source: Brennan the I-G banner guru via exodusracing.net via www.automationgame.com