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Jun 27

V8s Coming to Automation on July 4th

A quick update this morning from the fellas at Automation. They say those of us who pre-ordered will unlock V8s on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day indeed.

May 07

Automation: V8s coming soon!

The fellas working on Automation are hard at work on the engine simulator to bring us V8s, Over the weekend they posted this little gem. Help us out: Engine Designer Revamp Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a short update on what is going to get to you in the near future, and how …

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Apr 08

Automation Demo released, impressions

The much anticipated sim Automation is nearly here. Well the demo is here for us pre orderers and for you non committal types you’ll get a taste later in the month. I spent a lot of the day with the game today trying out the sandbox mode and various scenarios for the engine builder. The …

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Apr 06

Automation: The Car Company Simulator

As the release to Automation gets closer I’m sure we will do more on it. For right now what we can tell you is that it is a simulator that lets you build and manage a car company from scratch. There are many potentially awesome aspects of this game such as the engine builder, car …

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