Apr 30

The best birthday ever!

If you are a man of a certain age. Say in your 30’s I’d bet you have a poster of a Lamborghini Countach on your wall as a child. I know I did. I still think it is the coolest car of the 80’s. If you are a car kid today I’d be willing to bet a Lamborghini Aventador graces your bedroom wall. You can imagine how great your birthday would be if say a Lamborghini Aventador showed up at your birthday. Especially if several showed up.


Imagine the excitement. Well we’ve got video of that excitement. This is the magic of cars. The can turn all of us into this excited 7 year old boy seeing a Lamborghini in person for the first. When was the last time you were this excited about a car? Sure you probably didn’t jump up and down yelling “LAMBORGHINI” but I’ll bet inside you wanted to. I know I did the other day when I saw the SRT Race Team going down the highway. Ok truth be told I did jump up and down in my seat. Btw my birthday is February 16 if any Aventador owners would like to drop by and surprise me. I can almost guarantee a priceless reaction that is sure to get you a bunch of youtube hits. This isn’t about me though. After the jump is a pretty cool little minute long video of a kid having his dream come true. You can bet a new car guy was born on that day. It’s only a minute out of your day and I guarantee it will make you smile.