Apr 28

Monday thoughts and things

My Sunday was jam packed and I just did not get a chance to post a Sunday Commentary. I guess that means we won’t have one of those this week but never fear I’m here to ramble on about what ever the heck I want. Car show season is so close you can almost smell the C16 gas. I was out and about all weekend traveling the Midwest for non car related reasons but I did manage to see a good number of classics out to play. Oh yeah and I spotted this.
That is the Tudor series team SRT Viper hauler. I was probably a bit more excited than a grown man should be to see a tractor trailer but come on! That thing is full of Viper race cars. How cool is that? That was certainly the highlight of my car weekend.

Trans Am
I think for the rest of this post I’m just going to go through some old pictures and post the ones that strike me today. Like this cool Trans Am I spotted at the Great Race.
ZL1 camaro
I want to drive one of these ZL1s someday. I rarely see them and the few I have seen have almost no miles on them. That’s a shame. if you are going to buy a bunch of tire shredding new Camaro you oughta burn through a set of rears at least.
Charger tail lights
The round tail lights are a dead give away that this is a 68 Charger. I think it might be my favorite year of the Mopar big muscle.
1966 Charger rear end
Of course the first generation is pretty awesome too.
old camaro
Rust looks good on this Camaro
This Mustang was sitting just right.
Chevy Nomad wide angle
I’ll end today with a great looking Nomad. Timeless classic. Wagons were and always will be cool.