Apr 04

Big Block Powered 1968 Chevy Camaro

First Generation Camaros are not exactly rare these days, but that does not make them any less cool. Especially when they have ditched the 396 for something a bit more big blockish….like a 454. One such example is this cool 1968 Rally Green Camaro SS that showed up at the cruise in last Friday. it is an attention getter for sure because of the great color, and even better sound.

1968 Camaro

The Camaro was quickly surrounded by other cars at the get together so it was a little tough to get great photos but I persevered none the less and you can hit the jump to see a whole bunch of shots of this beautiful example of the 1968 Chevy Camaro.

Cutting to the chase, the 396 badges you will see as this article progresses are not quite accurate. As was common in the muscle car era, what is under the hood has a bit more then what is on the badge. So to the best of my knowledge that’s a 454 under the hood.
Chevy Camaro 454

One of the signature features of these early Camaros were the hide away headlights. It makes for a nice clean front end. Why don’t they do hide away head lights any more?
chevy camaro front grill

Another signature trait is the hood of the 1968 Camaro. It screams power.
hood grills

The muscle car era of course was the era of the stripe. This one wraps up onto the hood and across to the other side of the car. It might be my favorite of the stripes that Chevy was doing back then. The black certainly looks killer on the Rally Green paint.
1968 camaro stripe

Of course this is the view most people get to see the of 68 Camaro.
Camaro rear end

exhaust pipes

This is the tell tale view of a car. Kind of the make or break it photo of the body work. I can’t tell you how many muscle cars I’ve taken this exact shot of only to see more waves down the side then on Old Glory during a tornado. Not on this one though, she’s straight as an arrow.
down the side

Heading back around to the front of the car for one last look. It’s too bad this car was packed in like a sardine as I’d have loved to get more full body shots. That’s just some of the troubles we face when trying to shoot at events. I’ll catch this old girl out in a better spot somewhere.
front end

So there is a look at a really nicely done 1968 Camaro. The car show season is just firing up here in the midwest with the real big shows coming in just a month or so. Until then I’ll get out and cover anything I can. If you see me out, flag me down and tell me about your car.