Apr 03

Wallpaper Wednesday: Old Yeller 2

Old Yeller 2Today’s wallpaper is a backyard engineering legend with serious racing pedigree.  Hit the jump for all the details on an American road racing legend.

Built in 1959, by Max Balchowsky, Old Yeller 2 raced for nearly 20 years against factory specials from the likes of Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari.  Dan Gurney, Carroll Shelby, and Bob Bondurant were just a few of the big name drivers who spent quality time behind the wheel of this backyard special.

I was lucky enough to see it at the Reno Historics a few years ago.  It’s always a special treat to see an actual piece of history that is still being driven on the racetrack.

The current owner of the car has a great website about the car’s historic and current racing exploits it’s really worth a look.

1959 Balchowsky Buick Special
































Old Yeller 2

1680x945 widescreen

Old Yeller 2

1600x1200 wallpaper