Sep 18

Billetproof 2012: Part 2

Today we’re continuing our coverage of the Billetproof show in Antioch, CA.  Hit the jump for pics.

Classic hot rodding at it’s finest, a Firepower V8 with a whole bunch of carbs on top.


This Cadillac gets my vote for best color choice, it just looks right.


Of course if gold metal flake is your thing this T-bird should do the trick.


If this is what you picture in your mind when someone says “old school” hot rod then we’re on the same page.


Chrysler didn’t really build cars in the ’50s they actually made spaceships.  This ’59 Coronet drove in from nearby Lincoln, CA.  We caught up with Babs and her husband at the show and traded humorous stories about breaking down on the way to car shows.


See what I mean? Yet another space faring Chrysler product, this one had a cross ram Hemi.


There were a number of cars with lace paint jobs, the amount of work that must have gone into some of them is astounding.


I don’t think there is a single panel on this truck that hasn’t been massaged. Even with all the work that’s been done, it doesn’t look awkward or overwrought.

That wraps up Billetproof 2012: Part 2, if you missed part one or want to learn more about Billetproof you know what to do.

Billetproof 2012: Hot rods, Customs, and Metal Flake