Sep 19

The McLaren P1

The older I get the more super cars just aren’t my thing. The Lamborghini Aventador of course being the exception. However despite our hankering for hot rods, muscle, cars and all things a bit older supercars remain a huge part of the car world because most kids love affair for cars starts with a pin up of a supercar in their bedroom. I know I had a beautiful white Lambo Countach hanging on my wall. Still do! So we will continue to cover all things automotive here on IG.

That brings us to the McLaren P1. Some are quick to call it a Bugatti buster but I have my doubts. Oh it will be lightning fast but not a 250mph+ car. We do know the P1 will be powered by the same 3.8L twin turbo V8 the MP-12C has but coupled with a KERS system should make in the ballpark of 800hp. That’s plenty. McLaren says 0-60 is in 2.8 second with 100mph coming in just 5.5 seconds and 200mph in 20 seconds. That is impressive.

Looks are in the eye of the beholder of course, but I’m not a fan. Of course I’m not McLaren’s target audience either so it doesn’t really matter what I think. If the P1 is your think you will have to dig deep to the tune of $1.58 million for the right of owning this rare treat. McLaren says they will only make 500 over four years so get in line now. I’m sure Infinite-Garage.com is high on McLaren’s list to test the P1 so we will be sure to do a full review of it when we get our tester car. ha

Source: McLaren