Sep 19

WHDOW- The pro tourers and pro streeters part one

The hottest trend in muscle cars today is Pro Touring. The idea of Pro Touring is you build your muscle car with modern suspension goodies that make it handle well on the race track or auto X. Then you drive it home. Pro Street, is similar but the cars are more set up for the drag strip, then you drive it home. Both trends tend to make the cars sleeker, cleaner, and more aggressive looking and usually use more modern parts. Traditionalist hate it but the trend is exploding and with good reason. Old school looks with modern performance is a win win.

There were probably a good half dozen to a dozen Pro touring/street cars at the White Hall Drag O way Reunion this year. In this post I just want to focus on a couple. By the time I had worked my way down to the area these cars were the sky was high and the place was packed. So photography opportunities were limited.

Let’s check out this bad ass GTO in pro street trim. You can see the interior is set up for racing with tons of instrumentation, even out on the hood.

In the trunk we see a super clean fuel cell and optima yellow top install.

Lastly we head under the hood. The velocity stacks sticking out the hood just scream performance. I think I literally saw this car coming a mile away as it entered the show in the morning and you can see why.

Staying on the General Motors side of things for now let’s take a look at a more pro touring style Chevelle. What I learned from this car is that yellow is really hard to photograph and that this car draws tons of attention as I literally had about 30 seconds to get my shots before the hoards showed up to see it.

Would have loved to have gotten this show with the hood and trunk closed. Someday.

All the custom work under the hood really cleans it up.

So that’s our part one of the pro touring/pro street guys at the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion. We’ll check out more a little later in the week. Don’t worry Ford fans we will have you covered then.

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