Sep 20

TRD appearance parts for your Scion FRS and maybe Subaru BRZ

TRD has always made all kinds of dress up parts for for Toyota’s products. This has been especially true over seas but usually we see some of that here in the states. I want to be clear that this press release is for Europe but I don’t think it is too much of a stretch that this will be a preview of things to come here.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a list of parts.

Of course one of the key TRD packages as always is a body kit. Front splitter, rear fascia, and side skirts will be available. Two alloy wheel options and a new fuel door will be also be available. To go behind those wheels will be an available Monoblock brake kit with 14 inch discs on the front and 13.6 inchers for the rears.

The suspension will not get neglected with new stabilizer bars, shocks, and springs available to not only give the car a more aggressive stance but help with track day events as well. Other performance goodies will come in the form of a new exhaust, sport air and oil filters, and a new radiator cap. Ok I don’t know how a new radiator cap works as a performance upgrade but that is how TRD has it listed.

Lastly you can get an upgrades shifter and a push button start. Real pictures of the car will be available at the Paris Autoshow and for now this is all only available in Europe, but we expect more things like this in the US next year.