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Dec 02

Pro Touring Ford Mavrick

The Ford Mavrick is pretty far removed from a muscle or sports car but with some work and imagination it turns out a pretty sweet little pro touring is hiding under all that compact car make up. The Mavrick did have an option for the 302 cubic inch V8 however most were equipped with a …

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Oct 26

Corvette Stingray – Cinema Saturday

1965 Corvette Stingray

We might have been slacking a little bit yesterday and misplaced our Film Friday post.  We’re making up for it today with a video of what just might be the most bad ass Corvette Stingray in the country.  Hit the jump for a video of this gorgeous Corvette Stingray.

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Sep 19

WHDOW- The pro tourers and pro streeters part one

The hottest trend in muscle cars today is Pro Touring. The idea of Pro Touring is you build your muscle car with modern suspension goodies that make it handle well on the race track or auto X. Then you drive it home. Pro Street, is similar but the cars are more set up for the …

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May 06

Big Red Documentary Trailer

If you aren’t familiar with Big Red let me give you a quick over view. Many people credit this car for starting the Pro Touring movement. The car will do 220mph, and fly up a mountain road with the best of them. In short, it’s a whole lot of whoop ass in a 1969 Camaro …

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