Dec 02

Pro Touring Ford Mavrick

The Ford Mavrick is pretty far removed from a muscle or sports car but with some work and imagination it turns out a pretty sweet little pro touring is hiding under all that compact car make up. The Mavrick did have an option for the 302 cubic inch V8 however most were equipped with a range of Thriftpower Inline Six engines that left much to be desired.


So let’s take a look at this fine example of a Pro Touring Ford Mavrick.

I gotta say this is the first Pro Touring Mavrick I’ve ever seen, heck it might be the first Mavrick I’ve ever seen at a show. It’s pretty cool.
Had a heck of a time getting a clear picture of this shield, then I realized that the letters were double outlined and it wasn’t my photo that was blurry.

No Thrifty I6 up under here. Just some good old Ford V8. I assume a 302.
A quick peak inside shows a very nicely done interior. Simple but elegant.

As often times at a car show good shots were hard to get so sadly this is going to have to be an abbreviated post. However tune in for more high octane fun later.