May 14

Blue Thunder: A very custom S197 Mustang

I like the S197 Mustang, it’s a nice looking car generally, drives well, and is pretty reasonably priced. The problem is they are every where. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but more of a testament to how good they are. However as I was telling the owner of the local parts store today I generally do not look twice at them at shows because they are every where. There had to be 30 of them at the Loafer’s show this weekend, again not a bad thing, it’s just at some point I become desensitized to them. I’m probably exaggerating a bit, there were probably only 15 or so at the show. Enough to warrant their own class. Still after a while I get a bit numb to them…. except when I come across one with Lambo doors, and whole heap of custom touches.

custom s197 Mustang

This is a definition of a love hate car. Some of our readers are going to love this one, and some are going to hate it vehemently. For me this is kind of what you have to do if you want to make your new Mustang stand out at a car show. Well this or strip it out, put some huge slicks on the rear, and maybe a couple turbos under the hood, but since I’ve yet to stumble across that S197 Mustang this one got my attention this time.

Anything with Lambo doors instantly becomes a magnet for attention and the people were swarming this Mustang. So this article may come up a tad short on photos because of the crowds. Never the less I did get what shots I could of the numerous custom touches like this art work on the dash.
art work on the dash

As you can see the engine bay got the full show treatment as well. There is a lot going on under the hood here. Custom paint every where, colored caps, lines, polish, braided lines, if it’s a dress up accessory it’s here.
lambo door mustang

A little close up of the radiator shroud area. Some cool custom flames really draw in the eye. Also “Blue Thunder” denoting the name of the car.
custom paint engine shroud

The throttle area also gets a set of custom flames.

Again, this one was a bit of a short post. I enjoyed seeing this one at the show as it’s nice to see a lot of thought go into making a car one of a kind. Keep checking back all week for a lot more from the Loafer’s Car Club Show. If you missed our part one coverage you can link to it here.