Aug 21

Bonneville Roadster – Wallpaper Wednesday

Bonneville Roadster

This classic Bonneville roadster is our subject for Wallpaper Wednesday.  Hit the jump for the full size pictures and basically no information about the car itself.

As it tradition with our Wallpaper Wednesday features I really don’t know too much about this Bonneville roadster.  Running in the B/STR class team Hotrod Hoodlums managed to wheel this car to a 230.746mph record.  The regulations for this car’s class requires that the body be essentially unmodified and the engine is normally aspirated with a displacement between 373-439c.i.

It really is amazing to think that this vintage looking hot rod is faster in a straight line than the projected top speed of Ferrari’s new La Ferrari hypercar.

Bonneville Roadster

16:9 widescreen wallpaper

Bonneville Roadster

4:3 normal wallpaper