Aug 20

Bonneville 2013 – Part 3

Bonneville 2013Somehow we still have more Bonneville 2013 coverage.  It’s no surprise really even after spending two days walking around on the salt I’m sure there are plenty of cars and photo opportunities that I missed.  We’ve got more pictures and some talk about cars after the jump.

As much variety as there is out on the salt, Bonneville 2013 really had an old school feel, much like every year during Speed Week.  Most of the record seeking cars as well as the spectators rides tend to be older than 1960.

Bonneville 2013There are obviously a few exceptions, this Ghia being one.  I didn’t manage to get any film of it’s run but rest assured it sounded pretty mean.

Bonneville 2013

Bonneville 2013 wasn’t just about cars.  The first Sunday morning saw a lot of bikes line up for their runs.  The calm morning air made for ideal conditions for most of the motorcycles.

Bonneville 2013

Course marshals are surprisingly laid back during Speed Week.  There are no staging trees or bleach boxes just an orange cone, a fire extinguisher and an official with a headset.  It’s probably no surprise then that the competitors are equally calm.  I saw numerous teams help each other out and the atmosphere at the start line was so casual it was hard to believe there was racing going on.

Bonneville 2013

Say what you will about “rat rods”, they are hard to ignore partly because they tend to be so extreme and the fact that they seem to be the current fad.  As interesting as rat rods can be hot rods like this classic gold beauty really have that classic look that will probably never go out of style.

Bonneville 2013

Speaking of extreme, it really doesn’t get more extreme than this beast that sported a Packard straight eight engine.  Practicality equals essentially zero but that isn’t really the point.

Bonneville 2013

A little more detail on the Packard straight eight. Granted the straight eight wasn’t the most efficient engine configuration it’s hard not to smile when you look at one.  To my eye it just looks right.

Bonneville 2013

Sometimes things go wrong during Speed Week and Bonneville 2013 was no exception.  I don’t really have the right gear to shoot cars while they’re on the course but I did manage to see what looks like an Opel having some pretty serious engine problems.

Bonneville 2013

If you caught our Bonneville coverage last year you might recognize RIchard Krczal’s Triumph sidecar.  Richard was out on the salt again this year with both his record setting sidecar rig and a new Triumph motorcycle that he was hoping to run in another class. I’ll have a little bit more about Richard’s bikes and why Speed Week continues to be one of the best motorsport events on the calender in the coming days.

Bonneville 2013Bonneville 2013That wraps up the bulk of our Bonneville 2013 coverage.  If you missed any of it click the links below and don’t forget to check out the gallery.

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