Jul 22

Carrollton Car Show 2013: Part One

Small town car shows are a bit different then the ones you see in the cities. First off small town car shows are usually for a cause and in the case of Carrollton, Illinois it’s to help keep the public pool going. It’s a noble cause giving youngsters a place to safely beat the heat and for those of you growing up in a small town you know any place for young people to go and enjoy themselves safely is a good thing. So once a years hot rods, muscle cars, and even a few imports gather to help raise some money for a good cause. So I was up, packed and ready to go early Saturday morning to see all just what awaited me at the show.


A late arrival to the show but arriving in style was this 29 hot rod. Some will call it a rat rod but I call it ice cold because that’s how cool it is. I will have a full on feature on this complete with tons of photos a bit later in the week.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Bel Air’s are one of my favorite cars to photograph. They are just cool. This one was sitting out in the hot sun but still looking cool.

In the Midwest the only car more prevalent than Camaro is a Mustang. Don’t worry Ford fans later in the week I’ll have a Mustang for you but today I got this great picture of this Chevrolet Camaro badge.

This to me is the sweet spot years of production of the El Camino. Big engine, great lines, and practical. Man they had it all in the late 60s and early 70s.

Duster’s are often over looked when discussing Mopar, but this is one sweet Duster.
The Ford Falcon is all kinds of cool. This one is almost complete. Just a little more work and it would be a real beauty. Equipped with a 302 it’s ready to cruise.
I’ll end this one with a hint of T bird. The Ford Thunderbird is one of the all time classics. It’s a shame it didn’t carry on like the Corvette did but at least we have excellent examples of the breed like this one. More on it as the week goes on too.

That will wrap up part one from Carrollton. Be sure to keep checking back as the week goes on because I’ll have plenty more.