Jul 21

Sunday Commentary

It’s Sunday and the offices of Infinite Garage have been buzzing recently. With our recent server upgrade, growth, and car show season being in full swing things are absolutely nuts around here. That’s a good thing. With a busy day behind me I thought I’d sit down and do the Sunday Commentary. So what are we looking at today? Well of course we will look ahead to the Carrollton, Illinois car show which I was at this weekend. Expect a couple articles from that and even a feature or two. We will also look back on the week that was and I will do a small rant on show room cars vs hot rods and restored cars.


The Camaro photo above is just a preview of what’s to come this week. The Carrollton show was nice with a nice mix of cars. Everything from a newer Benz to an old rat rod that was looking so perfect I’m not even sure the photos will do it justice. We will get to all that later this week though, for now read on for your Sunday Commentary.

Film Friday this week took a bit of a British flavor. Our resident wrencher Reno went to check out Aston Martin’s special shop for owners of these fine pieces of automobile to work. Accompanied with video if you want to see the perks that dropping big coin on an Aston gets you we’ve got you covered in Film Friday.


GoodGuys is a celebration of everything awesome and we love it. Custom cars galore with some of the finest craftsmanship imaginable. If you missed the winner as well as some of the other coverage we’ve got you covered in our GoodGuys round up.


Blown GTO
Everyone loves GTOs especially when they have a huge blower sticking out of the hood. One of our most popular feature article to date has loads of pictures of just one such Goat. So if you Supercharged GTOs are your thing be sure to check that out.


The Sunday Rant
You know we are all around car guys here, we have covered everything from Super Cars to econoboxes, but as I’m sure you have noticed we really get off on muscle cars and hot rods. You see those classics just do it for us and part of the reason is because there is usually some pretty fine workmanship that goes into getting those cars on the street and looking good. We love that and our mission is to celebrate the guy in his garage building cools stuff. I like seeing the cars that someone has poured their blood sweat and tears into because that’s what we do. We don’t have huge budgets and teams of people to send our cars too and I think that’s how most of our readers are too.
Ford Coupe
Now look, if you are one of those guys that bought your hot rod or had someone else build it that’s fine. We love those cars too, some one did that work, but later this week I’m going to showcase a car that was built for less then 10k in a guys driveway and it’s epic.
What I’m really ranting on here is super cars though. They are cool and I’ve driven Ferrari’s before and they are special in their own way, but I hate seeing them at car shows. Does that make me weird? What are you showing off there? Just your big bank account? Well I’m not that impressed and quite frankly the guy with the 10k dollar rat rod he build himself is way cooler in my opinion. I’m much more interested in that. So as IG goes forward we will still cover a super car or two, but if you are expecting me to show up at a Cars and Coffee event to film a bunch of Italian Stallions don’t hold your breathe. It’s going to be a steady diet of hot rods and American muscle for us. I suspect that will be just fine by you guys.

With Sunday fading I better wrap this one up. As always thanks for coming to check us out, we’d love to hear what you think so drop us a comment in the comment section and we look forward to seeing you out at the shows.
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!