Jul 20

Blown Pontiac GTO: The Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

If you are reading this you probably know that the Pontiac GTO was the car that started it all for muscle cars. Not all GTOs are created equally. Some are stock, some are for cruising, some are for racing and some are just over the top bad ass. Like the Pro Street Goat we shot last year. On the complete flip side of the coin is the completely put back to stock GTO from the Colorfest show. Both totally cool in their own way. Today however we take a look at a not so stuck GTO done up right with a big bird catcher sticking out the hood and a beautiful paint job. Not to mention the stance is just perfect.


So let’s go for a little walk around of this fine example of the breed.

I think more so then the front 3/4 picture this shows off the GTO Jude’s great stance.

Hood tachs are awesome. It’s one of my favorite features of the muscle car era. I wish more cars had them.
A great set of wheels to hold that rubber.
The wing is iconic, most people know what car this is just from the wing alone.
It’s little details that make or break a build. Can you imagine this hood without the Ram Air IV decal? I can’t.
The Judge, I’m sure you all know the story behind the car, and the graphics are just another classic example of a time when muscle cars were serious business, bu maybe didn’t take themselves to seriously. If they did a judge package today they’d tone it way down and charge you 30k more just for the decals.
That big blower means business. It’s not only go, but a little extra show.
You gotta keep that grill on there to keep the birds out.