Jul 19

Aston Martin Works – How The Other Half Lives

87496_MCILGORM-ASTON100-111Aston Martin ownership isn’t really achievable for most of our beer budget lives, but it sure must be nice.  Hit the jump to take a peek at how the other half live and what kind of awesome services are provided by the Aston Martin Works.

For most of us having a project car means that you might do a lot of work yourself or suffer long spans when you can’t afford to have someone work on the car.  If however, you’re lucky enough and wealthy enough to own an Aston Martin you probably don’t have to worry about whether you need to pay the electric bill or buy a new body panel for the project car.

The guys over at Drive took a tour of the Aston Martin Works. An official Aston Martin shop dedicated to performing any maintenance, restoration, or modification that a 1% Aston Martin owner might desire.  Any Aston Martin from the marques illustrious history can be serviced here and they frequently restore complete cars using the original body bucks, blueprints, and parts.

That reminds me, I need to pick up a lotto ticket.