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Nov 11

Aston Martin celebrates 100 years

Earlier this summer Aston Martin celebrated 100 years of being Aston Martin. Of course Aston Martin has been bought and sold more than a used Miata but still at the heart of it all is something pretty cool. There is no doubt Astons are pretty and the modern Aston V8 sounds pretty great too. However …

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Jul 19

Aston Martin Works – How The Other Half Lives

Aston Martin ownership isn’t really achievable for most of our beer budget lives, but it sure must be nice.  Hit the jump to take a peek at how the other half live and what kind of awesome services are provided by the Aston Martin Works.

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Jun 24

2013 24hrs of Le Mans

Though marred by tragedy, the 2013 2013 24hrs of Le Mans ended with predictable results.  Hit the jump for a lot of pictures and just a tiny bit of commentary.

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Feb 10

Friday! Let’s do the news!

Well ladies and gents it’s Friday, Friday’s are generally slow around the Infinite-Garage office, usually the most exciting news are sales reports and recalls. Since I assume like us you could really care less about that sort of thing let’s move on to other news. Slow days mean surfing our favorite blogs and car related …

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