Feb 10

Friday! Let’s do the news!

Well ladies and gents it’s Friday, Friday’s are generally slow around the Infinite-Garage office, usually the most exciting news are sales reports and recalls. Since I assume like us you could really care less about that sort of thing let’s move on to other news. Slow days mean surfing our favorite blogs and car related sites as well to see what cool things are out there. It’s probably not the best business practice to link to other sites but this is way more of a passion for us then a business. It better be looking at the I-G bank account.

So first up today is a truly awesome Hemi Cuda project. Just check out this epic project.

Have two million dollars? If so you could own the last Aston Martin one-77. There is only one left not sold, good luck fellas.

Source: Dupont Registry

Audi has announced a lighter, sharper, TT RS called the TT RS “plus”. Stupid name aside the car has some serious promise and I’ll have more on it this weekend. So if you are a fan of the Audi TT, check back tomorrow.

Like I said Friday’s or slow, so that about sums it up for today. More from the Chicago Autoshow next week so the action should pick up. Lastly we are on facebook now. You can use the button on the top of the main page to follow us. We’d greatly appreciate a friends request and you liking posts that we make, only if you actually like them of course.

We’ve officially been around for two months now and we have a great growing readership. I’d like to take a small minute to personally thank you as founder of this site for your help in spreading the word and your continued patronage. The whole staff here appreciates it and we look forward to warmer weather and more automotive awesomeness.