Feb 09

Nissan to enter the GT-R in the V8 Supercars series

We love V8 Supercars here at infninite-garage.com. If you aren’t familiar with the series think big awesome muscle cars, with giant engines, going around some of the coolest road courses in the world. What’s even better is finally we are going to get a taste here in the states.

As it turns out Nissan looks to be entering as well. According to The Age Nissan has gotten clearance to enter. Now I’m sure you are wondering how a car that uses a V-6 is going to enter the V8 series, but the rules were changed recently to allow a generic engine under the body work of a manufacturer so Nissan will not be using the GT-Rs V6.

Aussies are rabid fans of V8 super cars and it’s been said that the Bathhurst race is a place where Ford and Holden fans go for a fight and sometimes a race breaks out. So how will these die hards accept Nissan? Well we will know soon enough.

News Source : The Age