Jul 25

Carrollton Car Show: Part II A preview of things to come

The Carrollton Car show was good fun with a nice mix of cars. The show also provided me with a great chance to shoot some cars up close for some future features which you can expect to start seeing this weekend. However a few I plan to hold back for winter when the cars have all been put away for the year and the snow is flying here in the Midwest. In the meantime the weather is still warm and I still have some photos to show you guys from the show.


The only thing spoiling the photo above is the photobook on the fender. The things you don’t notice until you get home. The book was quite need though as this truck was pretty far gone when the owner decided to make it extra cool. This was a pretty high quality build as you can see and the end result is a great looking truck.

As you can tell from the next photo there were a nice variety of cars here. From classic muscle, to full on street rods and even some Ford LTDs which are hugely popular around this area. It was a nice show that wasn’t too crowded which makes for great photos.

So here’s a car you might remember from last year. I’ll do a bit of an update on this Chevy in the very near future.
The Ford Econoline truck is a real eye catcher. We’ve shown them particularly from our friend Neal who collects them before. Here’s the latest in his collection. It’s in pretty fantastic shape considering it’s age and that frog on the side is a hit with the little ones. The Econoline is full of character and super cool.


Neal’s brother Paul is a gasser guy, he has a couple really sweet rides and this is his latest. It’s a Henry J that you might remember from doing a big burn out at the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion last year. It’s come a long way since then and we’ll have a bit of a feature on it a little later.

A great set of Crager’s on this Mustang which is race ready.

Everyone knows by now I’m a Mopar guy. This Duster is one sweet ride equipped with a 340 and in sublime. It’s just about perfect.


Last I want to tell you a bit about the upcoming White Hall Drag O Way Reunion. September 7th is the date in the small town of White Hall, Illinois. It is the best small town car show in the country. Once a year the tiny Midwestern town comes alive with the sound of hot rods, muscle cars, and classics. From Shelby’s to Goodguys winning hot rods you’ll see it all. One of the raffles this year is this sweet Corvette Go Kart. If you want more on the WHDOW Reunion head over to their site www.whdow.org. Hope you see you out at the show.