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Aug 04

Sunday Commentary: A different flavor

It almost feels a bit odd writing the Sunday Commentary this week as it was Reno at the helm of Infinite Garage all week. As luck would have it some illness caused me to miss the week and so things took a bit of a West Coast flavor as our air cooled specialist and resident …

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Aug 03

Henry J Gasser: The Grape Ape

Henry J gasser drag cars aren’t exactly something you see everyday. Gassers in fact have largely gone by the way side with the exception of a few collectors who still buy and build these examples of drag racing’s wild past. The concept of a gasser is simple, get the front up in the air to …

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Jul 25

Carrollton Car Show: Part II A preview of things to come

The Carrollton Car show was good fun with a nice mix of cars. The show also provided me with a great chance to shoot some cars up close for some future features which you can expect to start seeing this weekend. However a few I plan to hold back for winter when the cars have …

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Nov 19

Chasing Classic Cars

Classic cars are a huge part of being whatever it is Infinite Garage is. We’ve been all over this country and while we love the sleek new modern go fast machines there is just something about a car that is older then I am but still packed with attitude and performance that gets the juices …

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