Nov 19

Chasing Classic Cars

Classic cars are a huge part of being whatever it is Infinite Garage is. We’ve been all over this country and while we love the sleek new modern go fast machines there is just something about a car that is older then I am but still packed with attitude and performance that gets the juices flowing. There are literally hundreds of photos I’ve taken in the last year that just didn’t quite make it into a feature article or show report. It is certainly no knock on the car it’s just that dealing with the sheer numbers of cool cars that we come across you have to make decisions. So in this post I just want to throw out a handful of the cool cars I’ve seen over the year that just didn’t make their way into a feature.

I of course encounter a lot of trucks on my travels.


My favorites though are always the 60-70s muscle car era cars. Like this awesome Torino.

It was just sitting in the parking lot all alone, begging to be photographed.

How cool is the paint on this two toned Dodge.

I’ll wrap this one up with the blower on a Henry J.

Car show season is officially over here. It’s kind of depressing really, but don’t worry we have plenty of good stuff for you over the winter, and you can bet as soon as the meets, cruises, and shows get going in 2013 we will be all over it.