Nov 20

Tech Tuesday: Motorcycle Saftey are all Helmets Created Equal?

Ask a lot of motorcycle riders and they will tell you that the act of riding just isn’t that complicated. There’s freedom on the bike, there’s open road, and there’s not much else to think about.
Of course, that’s not completely the case. While freedom and the open road and the joy that comes from whipping down the road might be the reasons a lot of people get on their bikes in the first place, there are other things to consider. Helmet safety is one of those things.
Unfortunately, helmet safety can get a little complicated. Not only are there differing motorcycle helmet laws depending on where you’re riding, there are also multiple motorcycle helmet safety ratings that you have to sift through to get a true sense of how safe a particular helmet actually is.

In “Demystifying Common Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings,” you can get a good look at DOT (Department of Transportation) standards, European standards, and Snell standards for motorcycle helmet safety.

If you’re riding in America, you need to familiarize yourself with the DOT standards. If you’re hopping the Pond and heading to Europe, you’ll of course need to know the European standards. In fact, many European countries have stricter standards when it comes to motorcycle helmet safety, so many helmets that meet the European standard will also meet DOT standards here in the United States.

While many everyday riders might not seek out a Snell rated helmet, certain types of riders swear by them. They are generally more expensive, but they’re considered the top-of-the-line when it comes to safety. As the “Demystifying article points out:
“Snell is often considered the pinnacle of motorcycle helmet ratings, and is much more extensive than the other standards offered. Snell testing is also much more expensive than other testing, so generally a helmet that is Snell certified indicates a helmet that was designed from the ground up to be extremely safe.”

Finding a Safe Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to shopping for motorcycle helmets, safety must serve as the driving force behind a purchase. However, it’s foolish to think that other factors don’t play a part in a rider’s helmet decision. Some riders just have brands that they prefer, while others gravitate towards a certain look. Whatever your preferences, make sure you get all the details on a helmet before you buy.

Rider Magazine is one of the many spots you can find in depth motorcycle helmet and gear reviews. They break things down by brand (Arai, Shoei, Nolan, etc.) and style (full-case, three-quarter, flip-up).

This is a great place to get insider and expert reviews of a range of motorcycle helmets. Checking out these reviews and others like them is a good way to track down helmets in your price range, but remember there are a number of great, safe products out there. We never suggest that price should outweigh safety.

Have you been in a motorcycle accident? Did the helmet you wear live up to its claims? Or do you just have a favorite brand that you swear by? Comments and feedback much welcomed.

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