Aug 04

Sunday Commentary: A different flavor

It almost feels a bit odd writing the Sunday Commentary this week as it was Reno at the helm of Infinite Garage all week. As luck would have it some illness caused me to miss the week and so things took a bit of a West Coast flavor as our air cooled specialist and resident two wheeler led us down a journey into his world.
His world is quit rusty, filled with carburetors and small engines and as it turns out it is pretty cool despite there not being a V8 in sight. It’s just more proof that this wild and wonderfully diverse world of the automobile has something for everyone. Heck maybe next week we’ll even have a Japanese import or two. Ok, no we won’t, but you should have seen the look on your face when you read that.

I did have a few posts of my own scheduled this week so despite having what can only be described as the plague of the ear we did get some Midwestern hot rod flavor into the mix this week.

VW aircooled help and shine
VW was the word for most of the week though has Reno visited with some of the rusted relics of the Aircooled Help and Shine show.

The quality at the show was outstanding with some real prime examples from several generations of VW. It’s no wonder these are some of the most beloved cars of all time. The action was so good it warranted a second installment.
Aircoolness Help and Shine 2013

With Reno at the helm even Wallpaper Wednesday took a turn towards the air cooled variety with this awesome split window wallpaper.
Split Window VW

Film Friday
Film Friday went two wheels this week with a little motorcycle Gymkhana. don’t know what that is? Well why not check it out.
Motorcycle Gymkhana

We wrapped up the week with a look at a sweet Henry J Gasser, the Grape Ape. Gassers represent a unique time in drag racing history and while that time has long passed a few enthusiast still keep producing prime examples of this breed.

I will keep it short and sweet this week, no Sunday Rant, and no preview to the week ahead although I assure you we have jam packed week ahead with racing recaps, several car shows that we attended this weekend, and maybe even a bit of new car news. So hit us up on social media.
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!