Aug 05


LowriderWe don’t usually see lowriders at car shows but this weekend there was a small show in Reno put on by Victory Outreach.  For a few pics of chrome, crazy metal flake paint and huge hydraulics check out the article after the jump.

Lowriders have always been a West Coast phenomenon, growing out of the Mexican-American community in Southern California.  Known for chrome, hydraulics and amazing paint lowriders are the peacocks of the car world. They also run the gamut from ’40s bombers…

Lowrider…to big ’70s coupes

Lowrider…and the ubiquitous 80’s midsize domestic.


The detail work on some of the cars was really interesting, the scroll work on the bumpers of this Riviera was pretty cool.


There was even a chopped Beetle at the show with some really cool looking acrylic seats and Mexican blanket door treatment.