Aug 06

Got Faith? The sights and scenes from the annual Got Faith Car Show

Got Faith is the question of the weekend every first weekend in August in the town of Jerseyville, Illinois. Every year a group of people get together to help stock the food pantries for the coming winter with canned goods for those a little less fortunate than others. It’s an awesome concept that melds charity with good family fun in a high octane, music filled, fun weekend. The event features a huge yard sale type event, shopping cart races, live music, and of course some cool classics in the car show. Now in it’s second year and growing strong (despite some bad luck with the weather) what the folks at the Got Faith show do is inspirational to us all. We will always go out of our way to champion a worthy cause and feeding the hungry is one of the most worthy of causes.


A little bigger gathering of cars then last year turned out some really great examples of various breeds and in what has to be a rarity there was a lot of Mopar at the show. Like that awesome Barracuda above. It was one of the finest examples of an early Barracuda I’ve come across and it was a real joy to photograph. When compared to modern day muscle cars it is tiny.

Speaking of modern day muscle hit the jump for some of that, several more classics, and even an import.

So speaking of imports hey looky there and import. The Nissan 350z of course marked the return of the legendary Z brand to the car world. They are nice little cars, but with muscle car fat and import power we’ve just never been a fan. This one was quite nice with some wheels and a cold air intake. I’m sure it’s a real nice cruiser on a Sunday afternoon.

Ok this Challenger 392 wasn’t actually in the show but you know me and Dodge Challengers. I think this one looks amazing in Tor Red.

The Chevy II has won my heart over in the time that I started Infinite Garage. They are just the right combo of small size and big engine. This one had some serious custom paint work that I will highlight another day in a feature post.

Right across the isle from the first Chevy II was this little red one. You’ll probably see more of it later too.

I think this photo is a future candidate for name the name the car game on our Facebook page. Here’s a hint, it’s a Mopar. BTW if you haven’t liked us yet on Facebook what are you waiting for? Get on over there and like us so you can get all kinds of cool photos and updates from us.

One of my favorite things about the Got Faith show is the huge space between cars. A lot of shows pack the cars in like sardines but at the Got Faith show the cars are a full 25 feet a part. Now this is possible because of the huge area at the America Legion where the show is held but it makes for tons of room for spectators, for the participants to set up tents and chairs, and for photographers to get great shots. I wish every show did this.

On the back of an outstanding Camaro were these power tour decals. That tells us this car gets driven and that’s what we are all about. I’ll have more on the Camaro itself later in the week, but I liked how it wore these decals as a badge of honor. Built not bought, driven not trailered, that’s what we love to see.

So that will wrap up our first post on the Got Faith Show. We will have some other great cars later in the week and a few features as well. It’s great to see this show to continue to grow and thrive. It’s a big effort and it’s all for a good cause. Steve and his crew are doing great work for the community and if you have an event like this in your area consider participating, donating, or helping out any way you can and next year think about attending the Got Faith show. It’s part of a huge car weekend in the town of Jerseyville Illinois so you could make a weekend of it.