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Mar 28

Full Isle of Man TT Lap

There is almost no race on earth like the Isle of Man TT. Using all public roads (closed off of course) racers take their motorcycles on what amounts to a nearly 20 minute journey. Racers reach speeds of 200 mph on the big straights and fly though small towns in the country side at full …

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Aug 04

Sunday Commentary: A different flavor

It almost feels a bit odd writing the Sunday Commentary this week as it was Reno at the helm of Infinite Garage all week. As luck would have it some illness caused me to miss the week and so things took a bit of a West Coast flavor as our air cooled specialist and resident …

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Aug 02

Motorcycle Gymkhana – 2>4

Motorcycle Gymkhana

Ken Block has made millions aware of automobile gymkhana but did you know people do gymkhana on motorcycles as well?  After the jump we take a quick look at the obscure sport of motorcycle gymkhana, complete with amazing helmet cam footage and a series of japanese educational videos.

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May 30

2>4: Motorcycle Speedway Racing

Auburn Fast Fridays

There are a large number of people in the world who believe motorcycles are dangerous.  Many of those peoples are mothers.  What would your mother say if you rode a motorcycle that had no brakes and spent most of it’s time going sideways?  Hit the jump for some pictures and a very cursory introduction to …

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Mar 01

Film Friday: 2 > 4 Ice Speedway Racing

Who says you can’t ride a motorcycle on ice?  I personally haven’t had much success, but then again I’ve never ridden a motorcycle with 1″ long metal spikes sticking out of it’s tires.    

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