Aug 02

Motorcycle Gymkhana – 2>4

Motorcycle Gymkhana

Ken Block has made millions aware of automobile gymkhana but did you know people do gymkhana on motorcycles as well?  After the jump we take a quick look at the obscure sport of motorcycle gymkhana, complete with amazing helmet cam footage and a series of japanese educational videos.

First off I’ll admit that I like watching Ken Block videos as much as the next gear head, but his Americanized tire smoking version of Gymkhana isn’t exactly the same thing as the traditional Japanese version.  It might be easiest to think of Gymkhana as a slower and more skill based version of autocross.

Motorcycle Gymkhana is an even better demonstration of skill than the automobile version.  The complexity of the courses and the sheer number of directional changes has to make this exceptionally low speed motorsport one of the toughest in terms of rider skill.  Essentially what we’re looking at is the streetbike version of trials riding and it can be jaw dropping to watch.

When you install a rotary mount helmet cam on a top level rider it looks even more impressive. (I suspect all the background noise is the camera moving around in the mount.)


For your further Motorcycle Gymkhana education check out the unintentionally hilarious educational videos below.

If you’re interested in participating in Motorcycle Gymkhana it can be difficult to find events in the United States.  Surprisingly, the hotbed of Motorcycle Gymkhana in the U.S. is in Birmingham, AL.  Perhaps hotbed isn’t exactly the correct term since the American Motorcycle Gymkhana Riders Association is the only organized Motorcycle Gymkhana group I could find in the U.S.

It looks like they’re happy to help you start a chapter in your own city so now you have no excuse not to circle parking lot cones with your motorcycle.