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Mar 12

F1 2014 Season Preview

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2014 F1 season.  Hit the jump to get a leg up on the new regulations and our semi-expert opinions in our F1 2014 Season Preview.

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Oct 07

Korean GP Recap – F1 2013

Korean GP 2013

If you have to guess about the winner of the 2013 Korean GP then you’re obviously not following Formula 1 very closely.  Once again we recap a race for second place as the rest of the field struggles with tires and safety cars the Korean GP 2013.  Click the jump for some great pictures and …

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Sep 27

Singapore GP Recap – F1 2013

Singapore GP 2013

The Singapore GP, the only F1 race that takes place at night and on a street circuit. As a result it can be one of the most tumultuous races of an given season. Hit the jump to find out how exciting it was to race for second place at the Singapore GP.

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May 24

Monaco Track Guide

Monaco track guide

With the grandest of all Grand Prix’s this Memorial Day weekend I thought it might be beneficial to post a track guide for everyone to sort of follow along. Monaco is known for being tight, twisty, with loads of elevation change, and it can sometimes be deadly. In some years the pomp and circumstance is …

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Apr 15

Formula 1 2013: Chinese GP Recap

Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 2013 China GP

Sunday’s Formula 1 GP of China, from the Shanghai International circuit, had it’s share of controversy, hand ringing about the Pirelli tires and five champions battling for the top step on the podium.  Hit the jump for our recap and an op-ed in support of Pirelli’s latest tire strategies.

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