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May 16

Old School Hand Lettering – Film Friday

Before vinyl there was hand lettering and gold leaf. ┬áCheck out this great video of┬áDan DeLaney (aka Dan the Sign Man) talking about his method and inspiration before spending 6 days making a ’72 Vega funny car into a work of art.

Mar 27

1965 Home Made Mustang Funny Car

Confession time. I surf ebay a lot. It is mainly a time waster while I’m waiting in line some where or in a waiting room. Still I probably spend more time there then I should. I like to dream about buying some junker, usually a Mopar, and fixing it up into something magnificent. One of …

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Aug 03

Henry J Gasser: The Grape Ape

Henry J gasser drag cars aren’t exactly something you see everyday. Gassers in fact have largely gone by the way side with the exception of a few collectors who still buy and build these examples of drag racing’s wild past. The concept of a gasser is simple, get the front up in the air to …

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Jan 16

Vintage Racing pictures

vintage funny cars

Very special Wednesday morning post today courtosey of Angie and Tony Figga. When I saw these I just had to ask if we could post them because I knew you guys would love them. Fortunately Angie was willing to let us use her photos so a very special thank you to her. These pictures feature …

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