Mar 27

1965 Home Made Mustang Funny Car

Confession time. I surf ebay a lot. It is mainly a time waster while I’m waiting in line some where or in a waiting room. Still I probably spend more time there then I should. I like to dream about buying some junker, usually a Mopar, and fixing it up into something magnificent. One of these days when the dust has settled on life I will actually do that. Until then I dream. I wonder if I could ever come up with something like a 1965 Mustang Funny car? Enough about me, let’s look at something pretty unique.


The cool thing about ebay or craigslist is you never know what you are going to find. Like this 1965 home made Mustang funny car. Pictured above in its glory days, today it could use a little TLC.


According to the ebay listing this car first had a Hemi, but then was given a more correct Ford 302 engine. I’d have stuck with the Hemi. As you can see from the rust that is not a fiberglass shell.
Credit to IG reader Dan who sent me this link. The sale has ended at $8500 bucks. Someone has a lofty restoration ahead of them for this Mustang but it could be one bad ass ride when it’s done.

She looks pretty good back in the hey day with full race paint. Maybe someday it will look like this again.

Source: Ebay