Jan 16

Vintage Racing pictures

Very special Wednesday morning post today courtosey of Angie and Tony Figga. When I saw these I just had to ask if we could post them because I knew you guys would love them. Fortunately Angie was willing to let us use her photos so a very special thank you to her.

These pictures feature Tony’s Colt. How cool is this thing?

colt racer

photo by Angie and Tony Figga

Hit the jump for several more awesome vintage drag racing pics.

Oh what I would give to be able to take stroll through the staging area here.

vintage funny cars

photo by of Angie and Tony Figga

drag racing colt

Photo by Angie and Tony Figga

Figga race car

Photo by Angie and Tony Figga

Tony Figga racer

photo by Angie and Tony Figga


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  1. RenoWrench

    Those are super cool!

  2. I should add that these picture feature the one and only time my dad ever grenaded a motor, lol, which is quite a feat in the drag racing world. in the third picture you can see a small puddle of oil under the car.

  3. Is it wrong that I want to run out and grab a Colt now?!

    1. there’s one for sale on south jersey craigslist right now!!

  4. Jason

    ouch Angie.

    Phantom it is not wrong that you want to go grab a Colt now. Look how freaking cool that thing is in drag trim.

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