Jan 09

The Cars of CES

CES is a big trade show to show off the latest in tech. Since cars have become very techie we are seeing cars at CES. This year probably the biggest news on the car front from CES was that the Corvette Stingray is going to get a nifty video and data recorder. Meaning if you take your Stingray to the track you can get video and telemetry from your run. All of this will be easly accessed through your mobile device, and SD card, or while you are parked at the track. The possibilities are pretty cool and I’d except a lot of companies to do this real soon. Of course they will all take credit for doing it first but in fact it was the guys at Chevy and the Corvette Stingray to do it first.


Other cars like this cool Crosley graced the floor of CES to showcase ways new tech can help old cars. Of course some cars are just there to show off like the new Mustang. So hit the jump for some photos from the show.

Audi always has the latest and greatest on display with this cool Quattro laserlight concept. It of course is a hybrid that pumps out 700hp and Audi says is focused on being light. So to Audi what is light. Well 4,075lbs aparently which is pretty funny. I think there are some ocean liners that come in under that weight.
This car may look familiar to some as the Pontiac G8. However it’s actually a Holden which is where we got the G8.
Ah the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Full of light weight composites, techno mumbo jumbo and none of that matters. The only thing important about this car is that it is absolutely nuts. Just like a Lambo should be.
More of the new Mustang. The more I see it the more I like it. I’ve often said everyone’s fears of the Mustang getting to European are way over blown. The fact is the Mustang will always sell more in America then anywhere else. So it’s still going to be an American car at heart. I’m sure we will hear plenty more about the Mustang as the year goes on.
Let’s close this one out with a Beetle. Why not?

Of course the big autoshow is next week. The North American International Autoshow is always the biggie for us. We’ll see the Z06 Vette and who knows what else. Stay tuned for more news as it comes in.