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Jan 09

The Cars of CES

CES is a big trade show to show off the latest in tech. Since cars have become very techie we are seeing cars at CES. This year probably the biggest news on the car front from CES was that the Corvette Stingray is going to get a nifty video and data recorder. Meaning if you …

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Dec 31

2013 Supercar of the Year

Supercars are special breed of car that follows form over function, is horribly impractical, stupidly expensive to maintain, and a whole lot of cool. When picking the best super car we throw out all the conventional wisdom we would used to pick something like best sedan. Price doesn’t matter, fuel economy doesn’t matter, and neither …

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Apr 15

What does the Lamborghini Veneno sound like? We have video

Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini’s totally bonkers Veneno is the sort of thing that made Lamborghini a poster on every kids wall in the 1980s. It’s out there for sure. So maybe you are wondering what would this monster sound like. Well good news, thanks to NM2255 on Youtube those of us who will never own one now know. …

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