Mar 17

Chevy wondering where to go with the next Camaro

Auto news, which is typically pretty dry and boring had an interesting article today with some GM types pondering just where is the Camaro headed? So we thought we’d ask the same thing.

There is the obvious, the car is going to get smaller and lighter, thankfully. GM’s new carbon fiber making abilities mean the car will probably get all sort of composite panels and goodies, but those will probably be offset by even more standards safety gear and equipment. So the car will have to get smaller in dimension as well.

Then of course there is the engine. Rumors are abound at just what exactly GM has planned for it’s next generation of V8s and we’ve speculated plenty here already so rehashing won’t do much good. It’s also possible to see a turbo 4 or turbo 6 as the base model.

The part of Autonews’ article that was a bit disturbing was the talk of doing a modern take on the second gen Camaro. This makes me think GM is getting lazy. Of course they hit a home run with this new Camaro and it’s retro styling but that doesn’t mean you have to go back to 1971 for the next version. However as the Autonews article points out from a GM designer “Do you make it look like a second-gen?” he said, refering to the 1970-1981 Camaro. Or “do you make it look like the first gen?” — a reference to the 1967-1969 model. So it looks like we are going to get something along those lines. I’m sure many will love it, but I’d love to see the current Camaro get redesigned and worked a bit. Maybe sleeker and less edgy. It just seems like going back and saying we are going to do a modern second gen is just lazy an uncreative. Someone already designed the second gen 40 years ago, let’s move on.

No matter what direction they take 2015 will be interesting because we are going to see a new Camaro, Mustang and Challenger/Cuda all with in a year of each other. That’s pretty awesome no matter how you look at it. Long live American Muscle!

souce: Autonews