Jul 30

Chevy’s Boss 302 Fighter, the Camaro 1LE

Camaro 1Le

Straight from the cool car stupid name file the new Camaro 1LE intends to do battle with the Ford Boss 302 and it plans to do so on the cheap. For years the the rolls were reversed with the Camaro SS slightly edging out the Mustang GT with a higher price but as the cars have moved to bigger engines, more power, and so on the Mustang’s seem to be losing the price war. One thing is clear, it’s us the car guys who are winning as the two juggernauts fight it out.

So just what is the Camaro 1LE? Continue reading and find out also be sure to check out the video of the 1LE doing a lap of VIR at the end of the article.

It seems as if the muscle car makers have finally figured out horsepower isn’t everything. Now let’s not pretend that they are going to all the sudden start building light way Lotus fighters and we still want giant engines with gobs of horsepower, but there is nothing wrong with light weight materials and good solid engineering. So what do you get with the 1LE? You get better suspension geometry to help grip, lighter weight wheels that are wrapped in sticky tires, and dual mode exhaust.

The price of the 1LE is $37,035 which is a damn sight cheaper then the $42,995 price tag on the Boss. What’s really stunning is Chevy is so confident in the car they say performance wise it will compare more to the 302 Laguna Seca edition which comes in just under 50k! That would be impressive. So how does it do? Check out the video below. Spoiler alert!

The Chevy Camaro 1LE is 4.61 seconds ahead of the Ford Boss 302 Laguna Seca at VIR. This according to Fastlaps. Check out the video for the proof.

News Source: Chevy
Lap time source: Fastlaps
video source: youtube