Jul 29

The Plymouth Duster

The Plymouth Duster was born in the muscle car era has semi fastback variant of the Valiant. Starting in 1970 and ending in 1976 the Duster had many variations including the top of the line model featured here the 360 Duster. 1973 also saw other minor changes to the duster such as a grill and tail lights re-freshening. While the tag at the car show said this was a 1973 model Duster all the info I have points to the 360 Duster only being available in 1974 and newer. That’s not to say engine and vinyls can’t be swapped.

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By all accounts the 360ci 245hp was a blast to drive, I’m sure the big after market carbs and other goodies of our example here helped increase the driving excitement. Due to increasing insurance premiums and sky rocketing oil prices only 3,979 360 Dusters would be made in 1974. That makes them a bit hard to find.

The 360 with some added goodies.