Nov 02

Chevy’s V8 Performance Cars from SEMA

With SEMA in full swing this week everyone is trotting out there special editions for the show. We gave you a pretty good sneak peak of SEMA last week but we only had the smaller engined Chevy’s to tell you about. Now we can take a look at the serious firepower in the Chevy line up with the V8 cars.

So you might be wondering what that sexy beast is that we led the post off with. Well it’s the Guy Fieri 427 Corvette. Guy Fieri is a car guy, of course you probably know him from the Food Network, but he is a car guy. So I guess him having his own special edition Vette is ok…… If I’m honest though I think it cheapens the Vette. I don’t dislike Guy, in fact I like his show, but I REALLY like the Vette. It’s kind of bigger then a celebrity, but of course in celebrity crazed America what better way to cheapen up a Vette then slap a celebs name on it. Maybe next year Chevy will do a Kim Kardashian hooker edition Camaro? Ok I’ve vented enough. So what is this Vette all about?

Well it blends a bit of ZR1 with a bit of Z06. It’s obviously a drop top and comes with the LS7 and a six speed manual. It also has some specialty embroidering on the seats.

Chevy has a long history of special edition cars featuring NASCAR drivers so the Tony Stewart Camaro makes sense.

The Tony Stewart Camaro gets the LSA engine pumping out 580hp through a six speed manual. 0-60 is in four seconds with the quartermile coming in under 12 seconds. Of course there is a bit of custom paint, stitching and other accessories.

A few days ago we told you about the Hot Wheels edition Camaro. Today we bring you the 1969 Version.

The 69 Hot Wheels concept gets all sorts of cool goodies from shaved door handles, custom hood, and zoomies to the all new LS3 EROD engine which is a 430hp monster that also meets emissions regs. Pretty cool. Mated with the 4L65 transmission it’s ready for some serious cruising.

So despite the celebrity worship Chevy brought some firepower to SEMA this year. That 69 Camaro is my favorite. Stay tuned for more from other auto makers as good stuff is revealed.