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Nov 02

Chevy’s V8 Performance Cars from SEMA

With SEMA in full swing this week everyone is trotting out there special editions for the show. We gave you a pretty good sneak peak of SEMA last week but we only had the smaller engined Chevy’s to tell you about. Now we can take a look at the serious firepower in the Chevy line …

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Oct 26

Lingenfelter’s Retrokit Camaro

Lingenfelter, who are well known for their high horsepower Corvettes have decided to tackle a retro style Camaro. The kit takes a new Camaro and bolts on body pieces to make it resemble a 1969 model. I hate to tell them the retro thing is kind of over. The PT Cruiser is dead, the new …

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Apr 19

Chevy makes a documentary on the trip to Camaro5 fest

Chevy has done well with the new Camaro drawing in not only old Camaro fans but a new breed of muscle car enthusiast as well. So Chevy is going to promote the Camaro in any way it can. So they stalked a group of 150 Camaro owners as they headed out to Camaro5 fest last …

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