Jun 27

Corvette C7 Stingray Top Speed attempt

Ah my old friend the Corvette. The C7 still gets me going even with the new Hellcat Challenger scratching my Mopar itch. If I had to confess I’d say I really was not much of a Corvette fan. That is until the C6 came along and the C7 just cranked the C6 up to 11 so it’s pretty cool too. Sometimes in the dead of the night when everyone including the dog has gone to bed I sit up late scouring the internet for videos of cool cars. Today I found a short but fun video of the new Vette making an attempt at a top speed run. Unfortunately it runs out of runway so we will never know what a Stingray convertible can top out at. Ok I’m sure we already know but I thought it was a fun video if for anything to get a look at that sweet digital dash and hear some noise.