Jun 26

Hemi power: Old and New

I suppose I should start this post off with something really professional and cliche talking about how legendary the Hemi engine is. However if you are here you know that. The hemi recently turned 50 and there have been all sorts of celebrations. I hear the events were great. Meanwhile back here at the IG ranch I was just excited to see a couple Hemi cars side by side at a small get together in my home town. You have seen both of these cars before but I thought it might be cool to examine some of the details that connect the Hemi E bodies of the past with the current king of the Hemi.
The above picture was my favorite of the night. I think it shows that while things have changed they have certainly stayed the same. Clearly the new Challenger is bigger but the lines are all there.

The bummer of the night was severe weather. I took a few shots but thought I’d wait until the good light came closer to sun set. Sadly we never got that far as severe weather moved in and everyone got the heck out of there. There will be other days. I thought maybe the old courthouse would make a great backdrop but as you will see there were a lot of trees, poles, tents, signs and crap in the way. Don’t they know I’m trying to take photos here? 🙂

The hemicuda badge is super cool. I thought this was a nice shot over the nostril of the hood and the Challenger’s nostril lurking in the Bokeh.

Of course the SRT gets it’s own nostril hemi badge. I always wondered why we switched from cubic inches to liters? This worked out to roughy 380 Cu/in if you were wonder. Actually 372 to be precise. What the new hemi lacks in cubes it makes up for in exhaust noise. It’s gotta be the best sounding new car around.
A look at the nostril of the new hemi Challenger. Can I still call this the new Challenger with the new new Challenger coming? I may have to come up with a different term for it.

While the Cuda gets a bigger nostril the similarities are there.

While there are no badges or hood pins on the corner of the hood of the Challenger the old Cuda rocks them proudly. Hood pins should be standard on all cars.

One last shot before the rain came.