Oct 12

Custom Dodge Challenger RT

The new Dodge Challenger is hugely popular among Mopar enthusiast and it’s no secret why. Great looks, great ride, lots of power, and the best sounding engine in production today make for one heck of a nice ride. Now add some custom things from the Mopar catalog, a few other aftermarket pieces, a custom stereo, and nice set of wheels and you have one hell of a nice dodge Challenger RT. That was the case with this black beauty I stumbled on at the Barry Apple Festival.

custom dodge challenger

It seemed every where I looked on this Challenger I found something else that had been done. Just little things that all add up to a huge difference in what is already a stunning car. The total package has to be one of the coolest Challengers I’ve seen yet.

Pistol grip shifters were all the rage in the muscle car era. Well that’s what I’m told, I wasn’t born until 1981. Add some carbon fiber and this shifter looks great in the Challenger.

I love these seats. The red stitching is perfect.
Again custom every where.
Confession time. I’m not sure if these faux carbon fiber stripes are a factory option or if this is some kind of 3M Carbon Fiber wrap. Either way it’s pretty nifty.
Looks like someone just called up the Mopar catalog and said send me everything for the engine bay you got.
A nice set of shiny wheels hiding the red calipers.
Back in the day when I first got into cars because of car stereo Kicker Solobaric subs kicked some major ass. I assume not much has changed. There is some nice clean custom work back here.
Oh it has begun all right.

My love for Dodge Challengers is no secret and this one was just another great example. Hopefully it will inspire you to get out there and so some customizing of your own.


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  1. scott farr

    Hello I’m scott the owner of this Mopar I found an image on Google and said no way first off a BIG thanks for a super job on this article great work!!! now for some info on her the engine bay was hand built by me except for the fuse box cover in the antifreeze tank cover. Trunk was 3 months of hard work again me 100% (I was an installer) The seats were cloth I ordered custom leather seat overlays took cloth off leathers on.Since berry car show I’ve added a ram air induction (open hood vents) a new body kit (front valance sides and rear) my wife says I’m done but the MOPAR gods say no. I like all your comments and hope to see you at some show’s this summer (Hannibal, Quincy, Nauvoo) thanks again

    1. Jason

      It’s great to hear from the owner! I absolutely love the car and I hope I get to bump into you again soon. Thank you for some more details.

    2. Rick

      Scott, love the car. I’ve got a 2010 black challenger as well! Where did you get the Dodge- let the ass kickin’ begin sticker? I’ve been looking for that all over?- thx. Rick

      1. scott

        Hello sorry Rick it’s car show season and I don’t get on here very much I got the decal at the festival of Wheels Car Show in Nauvoo I looked for it again this year but the guy didn’t have that one but I bet any decal or sign shop can have one made scott GO MOPAR

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