Mar 29

Dodge Charger Ode to Miami Vice

We love Dodge Chargers here on IG so it is not a surprise to feature one on film Friday, but Miami Vice, well I’m not a fan. Granted I was bout 6 when it was on TV but all I remember is the Ferrari 308 and some sweet leisure suits that the hipsters of the world would die to have in their wardrobe today. So there isn’t much to like. However that did not stop Jordan Michael Lockhart from making a really awesome “ode to Miami Vice” featuring a completely bitchin classic Dodge Charger. The sights the sounds, Phil Collins, it’s all here. Phil Collins? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out. No matter your take on Phil Collins or Miami Vice this is one awesome short film.
Ode to Miami Vice Charger
Hit the jump for the video and enjoy

Ode to Miami Vice from Jordan Michael Lockhart on Vimeo.

Source: Jordan Michael Lockhart