Aug 30

Does the 2025 54.5mpg signal “the last of the V8s?”

This week the President signed into law a new EPA fuel economy standard making 54.5mpg the average for new cars by 2025. This of course has car companies, gear heads, and the internet up in arms. The concern is this will kill off V8s for good. Of course this will not be the case, let me tell you why.

The goal of 54.5 mpg equates to about 40mpg in real world driving, right now your average decently fuel efficient V8 gets in the neighborhood of 21mpg over all average. So in ten years that would have to double. It is difficult but not impossible. For decades V8 technology sat stagnant and while the big sports car makers sat on their butts doing nothing the rest of the world evolved. V8s are going to have to evolve too and we have seen some of this in the last ten years.

What will have to happen is more use of cylinder deactivation technology, lighter cars, direct injection, turbocharging, and (gasp) yes even hybrid drivetrains to reach this goal. So Will the 2025 Vette have a V8? Yep, it just may have a battery pack too.

The new fuel standards are said to save consumers over 1.7 trillion dollars in fuel costs and help this country ween itself off foreign oil. Of course that last part is a load of cow manure. If the govt really wanted us off foreign oil we would take radical steps to do so by limiting exports or even nationalizing the oil companies. Now I’m not saying socialism is the answer because it is not, but let’s be honest we have a LOT of oil here and we send most of it over seas in the name of giant corporate profits all while complaining about our dependency on foreign oil. That’s stupid.

Sorry I did not mean to get political there. The point is yes we the car guy will suffer as life moves forward. We have a country of idiots run by idiots so you can expect more fuel regulations, taxes, and emissions standards to try and stop our fun, but don’t believe them when they say the V8s are going away. That is just a scare tactic, if the public wants V8s they will make them. It’s probably just a ploy by the automakers to drive up their prices a bit more.