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Feb 05

Fuel Mileage Primer : Part 3

Times are hard. Moneys tight. Today I’m going to show you how to operate your car for maximum gas mileage. You can own the most fuel efficient car on the planet, but if you’re not up to the task of drivng it well, you won’t be gaining anything. Like the Prius that just flew past …

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Jan 29

Gas Mileage Primer : Part 2

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today we show you how to to get more miles out of your tank with maintenance and modifications on your daily driver.

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Nov 13

Guest Post: How to Save Fuel by Driving Effeciently

How to save fuel by driving efficiently It’s important to be more efficient on the road, given increasing fuel prices and the environmental cost of excess emissions. You can improve your fuel efficiency and mileage by making some simple changes to your driving habits, which in turn help to lower maintenance and refueling costs, while …

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Aug 30

Does the 2025 54.5mpg signal “the last of the V8s?”

This week the President signed into law a new EPA fuel economy standard making 54.5mpg the average for new cars by 2025. This of course has car companies, gear heads, and the internet up in arms. The concern is this will kill off V8s for good. Of course this will not be the case, let …

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Dec 19

Mazda’s new SkyActiv technology is turning alot of heads

Mazda recently introduced it’s SkyActiv technology to the North American market and it’s gaining big recognition from the automotive press. The SkyActiv G engine runs on an amazing 14.1 compression ratio and the Mazda 3’s new SkyActiv 2.0L engine runs on a 12.1 ratio which is good for 40mpg on the highway. City driving is …

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