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Feb 26

The Audi A3 e-tron

Audi A3

Audi is well known for luxury, technology, and quality. Now they announce that they have incorporated all of that into the new Audi A3 e-tron. The regular Audi A3 sportback is quit the car, fun to drive, roomy, and very practical, so now by added a bit of technology they have only improved on a …

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Jan 29

Gas Mileage Primer : Part 2

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today we show you how to to get more miles out of your tank with maintenance and modifications on your daily driver.

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Nov 25

Toyota Prius least stolen car in the country.

The Toyota Prius is the least stolen car in America. What that tells me is that not even thieves want the most boring car you’ll ever drive. Oh sure the Prius sells well but Big Mac’s do too and they are pretty awful. The National Insurance Crime Bureau whom I’m sure are the life of …

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Nov 13

Guest Post: How to Save Fuel by Driving Effeciently

How to save fuel by driving efficiently It’s important to be more efficient on the road, given increasing fuel prices and the environmental cost of excess emissions. You can improve your fuel efficiency and mileage by making some simple changes to your driving habits, which in turn help to lower maintenance and refueling costs, while …

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Aug 29

New Nissan GT-R to come in 2018

I’m a big man (no fat jokes please) and I can admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong. It turns out there will be a new Nissan GT-R, it is just years and years and years away. By the time the new GT-R drops in 2018 it will be nearly ten years old and in …

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