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May 05

Road Trippin’ with a bunch of Nissans

Ok Nissans aren’t usually our thing here at IG. However they have a great heritage of racing and fun driving. While some of the newer Nissans are a tad on the heavy side for our liking the older ones certainly capture the spirit of a great driver car. To celebrate all things Nissanness (yep made …

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Apr 05

Film Friday: BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck vs. Nissan GTR

Trophy trucks are amazing! I’m hoping to cover a few of the offroad races in my area this summer but for now you should just be amazed at what a modern trophy truck, in the capable hands of BJ Baldwin, can do.  Do yourself a favor, turn it up and watch it in full screen mode.

Aug 29

New Nissan GT-R to come in 2018

I’m a big man (no fat jokes please) and I can admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong. It turns out there will be a new Nissan GT-R, it is just years and years and years away. By the time the new GT-R drops in 2018 it will be nearly ten years old and in …

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Jan 22

2013 GT-R : Not so much of a bargain basement supercar

News today comes from Nissan, who says the 2013 GT-R is going to come in at 7k more than last year’s model. Yikes. That makes the base price of the new GT-R 97k. Add taxes, title, and options and you are well north of 100k. All of a sudden, the GT-R isn’t the bargain basement …

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